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Sibelius' s home - Ainola

What a house and what a garden! Jean Sibelius's home in Järvenpää is worth to visit. Last Saturday was sunny and warm. Perfect day to make a little trip.
It is forbidden to take pictures inside the house - unfortunately. Look pictures by internet  IN HERE.

Jean Sibelius was a worldfamous composer. His wife Aino was a great gardener, eventhough she came from upper class. She knew how to grov vegetables, appletrees, berries... and  flowers and daughters. Jean and Aino got five daughters of which one died in age of two in epidemic disease.

Under the appletrees


Tomatoes behind the sauna
 Aino Sibelius was very talented woman in many ways. There are lots of details in the house that show how inventive she was. She could have been an architect. The sauna outside is drawn by her.
Aino was at home with children. Jean travelled around the world or spent time with his friends in restaurants. Aino phoned all over asking have someone seen his husband. Once when she get Jean to phone she asked when Jean is coming home. "I am a composer, not a foreteller" - had Jean said.
Another time Aino asked Jean to bring one kilo butter (hoping to get husband home) but soon came a horsedriver and brought the butter. Jean was having a good time in Helsinki and spend money.
Luckily Aino had her garden so that she could sell vegetables to earn own money.

Jean Sibelius herad the notes in colours. Inside the house is a big green fireplace. It's a F major key -fireplace. It took a long time to get just right tone of green. In that fireplace Jean Sibelius burned his 8. symphonie. 

Sibelius died 20.September 1957 in this house in his own bed. Aino lived twelve years more with her cook and housemaid. They served her 60 years.

Jean Sibelius smoked big cuban cigars. He told in New York Times how hard it was to get them in Finland and what happened! People all over the world sent him cuban cigars. At last he had to tell not to send anymore. Still there are 200 cigars left in the house.

Jean and Aino Sibelius are buried into the garden. Place is the same where they in summertime used to drink their morning coffee.

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